Tennoji Network on dn42

AS Information

AS number: 4242421513

PoPs Information

All clearnet endpoint domains have both A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records. To specify what method you want to establish tunnels, add v4. prefix for IPv4 or v6. prefix for IPv6.


Location Seattle, USA
Clearnet Endpoint rina-sea.us.nodes.dn42.xkww3n.cyou
DN42 Address (IPv4)
DN42 Address (IPv6) fd62:d79c:a5b9::1


Location Tokyo, Japan
Clearnet Endpoint you-tyo.jp.nodes.dn42.xkww3n.cyou
DN42 Address (IPv4)
DN42 Address (IPv6) fd62:d79c:a5b9::2


Location London, UK
Clearnet Endpoint setsuna-lon.uk.nodes.dn42.xkww3n.cyou
DN42 Address (IPv4)
DN42 Address (IPv6) fd62:d79c:a5b9::4

More PoPs will be added soon...

We accept peering over WireGuard tunnel, contact with me (via xkww3n+noc[at]protonmail.com) if interested.